6 Tips for Renting an Apartment Near Alexandria, VA


Finding the perfect apartment can be difficult. When picking an apartment, there are a lot of specifications to consider: Do you want to be somewhere historic? Somewhere with nightlife? Somewhere with a thriving community? If you answered yes to all of these questions, Alexandria may be the right fit for you. Wondering what to look for on your next apartment hunt? This list will give you the top tips while looking to rent an apartment near Alexandria, VA!


1. Make sure there is recreational activities in the area

Making sure there are plenty of recreational activities in the area is something to consider while looking to move. If you’re looking to move to Alexandria, it will be easy to find something fun to do every weekend! In the mood for history? Try going to Fort Ward Museum and History site. Want to have a relaxing day of golf? Try the Pinecrest Golf Course. Living in a historic place gives you many fun activities to try for your weekend staycation.


2. Make sure there are plenty of places to eat around you

Eating is an important part of life, so while looking for an apartment in Alexandria, make sure that they have a variety of places around. Luckily, Alexandria is home to a wide variety of dining options, like Clydes, IHOP, Royal Palace Kabob and Tempt Asian Café. Finding an apartment that is close to a wide variety of restaurants is important to satisfy whatever mood you are in and the cravings you may have. In addition, being located close by to restaurants is a great way to meet new people in the area!


3. Make sure there are fun entertainment options

Having entertainment is an important part of day and night life. Alexandria is full of movie theaters, shopping centers and restaurants. Feel like seeing a movie? Try Regal Theaters Potomac Yard 16. This theater is right by the water, so after your movie you can enjoy beautiful views!

Shopping is another part of entertainment, and with shopping centers throughout Alexandria, it is easy to fulfill your shopping needs.


4. Make sure your apartment meets your standards

Finding your new apartment is going to be a mission. Not every apartment you look at is going to be the right fit for you. While looking for apartments, make sure they offer great amenities and your want list is up to date. Do not settle on an apartment, since this is where you will be spending a good majority of your time!

To create a list of standards you want, think about what you will need in the long run, like air conditioning, heating and other amenities you may need.


5. Make sure your furniture will fit

Using furniture you already have for your apartment is a great way to save money. But, before you rent your apartment, make sure your furniture will fit in the space! There is no need to repurchase furniture because you’re in a new place. Always check your furniture size and floor plan dimensions before signing the lease contract. This will save you headaches (and money) in the future when trying to rearrange your new apartment.


6. Make sure you love the location

Finding an apartment in a great location is hard. Being too close to the city can be loud, but being far away can make a commute way longer. Finding an apartment that is right in between is the best. The city or the countryside is only a short drive away!


Find the Perfect Apartment to Rent in Alexandria, VA

Finding the perfect rental that meets all your needs is easy with Lerner Excelsior Tower helping you along the way. There is no need to stress! Enjoy shopping, restaurants and nightlife in Alexandria while resting in your apartment at Excelsior Tower. Take a virtual tour and call (703) 436-5795 to find out more about our community.




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